I am a Sr. Research Scientist, designer, and illustrator at Adobe Research. I design and develop computing tools that facilitate powerful ways of thinking, design, and communication with the playful, fluid nature of sketching. My research in animation & dynamic drawings are turned into new products that reach to a global audience. Among them, Apple recognised SketchBook Motion as the best iPad app of the year 2016.

I advocate the power of dynamic drawings as a powerful medium for art, design, and communication. As an attempt to communicate scientific ideas with storytelling and art, I have written my PhD thesis in the form of comics, In similar spirit, our Draco paper is the first academic paper in ACM with embedded animated figures in PDF.

I love to animatedraw, sketch, and write comics. In 2007, we published our first fantasy graphic novel (with my talented co-authors).

We are always looking for motivated PhD students for internships. If you are interested in sketching interfaces, illustration, animation, or 3D design in general, feel free to contact me directly.



  • PhD, Computer Science, National University of Singapore (2009-2014, supervisor: Shengdong Zhao)
  • BSc, Computer Science, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Tech (2002-2007)

Research Projects / Tools (selected)

  • DreamSketch (UIST 2017)
  • Energy Brushes: Illustrating Elemental Dynamics
    UIST 2016
  • Motion Amplifiers: Dynamic illustrations Using the Principles of 2D Animation
    CHI 2016; SIGGRAPH Talks 2016
  • ChronoFab: Fabricating Motion
    CHI 2016
  • Kitty (Sketching interactive illustrations)
    UIST 2014 (People’s Choice Best Talk Award**)
    Invited to SIGGRAPH 2015 UIST reprise session
  • Draco (Bringing life to illustrations with Kinetic Textures)
    CHI 2014 (Honorable Mention Award**, Golden Mouse Award** and Best Talk Award**)
    SIGGRAPH Studio 2014
    Autodesk University 2014
    Singapore ArtScience Museum 2015
  • SketchStory (A sketch based interface for storytelling with data)
    InfoVis 2013;
    Microsoft Research Techfest 2013 (Appeared in Keynote Speech)
  • Vignette (A sketch based interface for pen-and-ink illustration)
    CHI 2012
    SIGGRAPH Studio 2012
    Singapore ArtScience Museum 2013
  • SandCanvas (A multi-touch art medium inspired by sand animation)
    CHI 2011 (Honorable Mention Award**, Golden Mouse Award**)
    SIGGRAPH Studio 2012
    Singapore ArtScience Museum 2013

Work Experience

  • Sr. Research Scientist, Adobe ResearchDec 2017 –
  • Principal Scientist, Autodesk Research (Toronto, Canada), May 2013-Nov 2017.
  • Research Intern, Microsoft Research (Redmond, US), Summer 2012
  • Visiting Researcher, Japan Science and Technology Agency (Tokyo), Summer 2011
  • Research assistant, National University of Singapore, summer 2009
  • Software Engineer, Code71 Bangladesh Ltd (Dhaka), Nov 2007 – Feb 2009
  • Freelance illustrator, cartoonist and visual designer, 2004-2007.

Students Supervised

Awards (selected)

Press (selected)

Other Links

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