About me


I am a Sr. Research Scientist at Adobe Research. I design and develop computing tools that facilitate powerful ways of thinking, design, and communication with sketching and gestures. My research in animation & dynamic drawings is turned into new products that reach to a global audience. Among them, Apple recognized SketchBook Motion as the best iPad app of the year 2016. I also contributed to the design and engineering of the inaugural animation/motion features in Adobe Fresco. Prior to Adobe, I worked at Autodesk Research, Microsoft Research, and Japan Science & Technology Agency.

I advocate the power of dynamic drawings as a powerful medium for art, design, and communication. As an attempt to communicate scientific ideas with storytelling and art, I have written my PhD thesis in the form of comics. In similar spirit, our Draco paper is the first academic paper in ACM with embedded animated figures in PDF.

I love to animatedraw, sketch, and write comics. In 2007, we published our first fantasy graphic novel (with my talented co-authors). I completed my PhD from NUS (Singapore) under the supervision of Dr. Shengdong Zhao, and my undergraduate from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Tech.

We are always looking for motivated PhD students for internships. If you are interested in animation, AR/VR, or 3D design in general, feel free to contact me directly.


Research Projects / Tools (selected)

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