Comic: “Vakhkhosh”

Have you ever been to Addigor?

Addigor is the name of the imaginary kingdom, located in the deepest of jungles, in our Graphics adventure novel “Vakkhosh”. Its the story of friendly vegeterian monsters and an ousted poor man. Apparently, the notion of the plot came out from our firm believe that – monsters do exist!!!


Designing the monster characters was the hardest part in creating our first graphic adventure novel ‘Vakhkhosh’. When you are drawing humanoid types of characters, at least you have some reference. But, when it comes to monsters or ghosts, whom you don’t meet very often, ‘sky is the limit’ in designing these characters.

In the early phase of character development, Zahid and I have been asking a number of questions to ourselves –

  • Do they really exist? (definitely, yes!)
  • Do they hate to do homeworks? (eventually, we found they hate to do homeworks as much as we do)
  • Do they drink coffee? (actually, they prefer tea with a lot of sugar)
  • How much time they spend browsing facebook each day?
  • Do they wear jeans or ‘Lungi’?
  • And, hundreds of questions…

While I was wondering around these sea of questions, Tonoy, a five year old kid and a neighbor of mine, helped me out. Suddenly he said – “monsters are kind of cute!”. Apparently, I decided to start with – “Monsters are kind of cute!”.

Each and every character we develop are inspired by the people around us. Within each character, we can see our beloved a friend, a family member or a near & dear one…

Which character are you? 🙂

Download Vakhkhosh (~50MB)

First published by UNMAD: Feb, 2007
Plot and Finishing: Mehedi Hoque
Dialog: GMTanim
Storyboarding, drawing, color, finishing: Zahid Hossain and Rubaiat Habib

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