Comic: Designing New Digital Art Media


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This comic seeks to provoke thoughts and discussion on these issues from a scientific and pragmatic point of view, based on my learning and experience during the course of my PhD. The thesis presents the design process and development of four computational tools for digital art and communication –

  • SandCanvas (A digital art tool for sand animation),
  • Vignette (A sketch-based tool for pen-and-ink illustration),
  • Draco (A sketch-based tool for animated, timeless illustrations), and
  • SketchStory (A sketching tool for real-time storytelling with data)

Its also my first attempt to communicate scientific ideas with new and alternative ways. This comic consists of couple of chapters of my PhD thesis (Yes! My Phd thesis is written in comics). This article is inspired by Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics”. Thanks to my supervisor Shengdong Zhao for encouraging me on this. Here is the complete thesis (125MB).

Any thoughts?

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