Vignette is an interactive tool that facilitates texture creation in pen-and-ink illustrations in a natural and easy way. Unlike existing systems, Vignette preserves illustrators’ workflow and style: users draw a fraction of a texture and use gestures to automatically fill regions with the texture. Our exploration of natural work-flow and gesture-based interaction was inspired by traditional way of creating illustrations. Vignette makes the process of illustration more enjoyable and that first time users can create rich textures from scratch within minutes.

Vignette was designed and developed while I was visiting IGARASHI Design Interface Project  in Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), during summer 2011. Visit the Project Website.


Vignette: Interactive Texture Design and Manipulation with freeform textures for pen-and-ink Illustrations
R H Kazi, T Igarashi, S Zhao, R C Davis
CHI 2012 (PDF) Invited to CHi Interactivity

Vignette: Style Preserving Sketching tool for Pen-and-Ink Illustration
R H Kazi, T Igarashi, S Zhao, R C Davis, K Takayama
SIGGRAPH 2012 Studio Talks and Poster


CHI 2012 Interactivity
Singapore Art Science Museum 2013