Pronto: Rapid AR prototyping (CHI 2020)

Our paper on rapid AR prototyping with video, sketching, and enacting appeared at CHI 2020, as well as an Adobe MAX 2020 Sneaks. Huge congratulations to my authors German, Cuong, and Paul!

Designers have limited tools to prototype AR experiences rapidly. Can lightweight, immediate tools let designers prototype dynamic AR interactions while capturing the nuances of a 3D experience? We interviewed three AR experts and identified several recurring issues in AR design: creating and positioning 3D assets, handling the changing user position, and orchestrating multiple animations. We introduce Project Pronto, a tablet-based video prototyping system that combines 2D video with 3D manipulation. Pronto supports four intertwined activities: capturing 3D spatial information alongside a video scenario, positioning and sketching 2D drawings in a 3D world, and enacting animations with physical interactions. An observational study with professional designers shows that participants can use Pronto to prototype diverse AR experiences. All participants performed two tasks: replicating a sample non-trivial AR experience and prototyping their open-ended designs. All participants completed the replication task and found Pronto easy to use. Most participants found that Pronto encourages more exploration of designs than their current practices.


Here is the full CHI 2020 paper.

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