SketchStory: Storytelling with Data in Digital Whiteboards (InfoVis 2013)

Even though communication of insights is one of the main goals of data exploration, presenting visual information to other people is under-explored. To create a new and engaging form of storytelling with data, we explore how to leverage and extend the narrative storytelling attributes of whiteboard animation with interactive information visualization techniques. SketchStory is an interactive whiteboard system for storytelling with data through real-time sketching. It facilitates the creation of personalized and expressive data charts quickly and easily, where the presenter sketches example icon and SketchStory automatically completes the chart by synthesizing from example sketches. Furthermore, SketchStory allows the presenter to interact with the data charts.

SketchStory user interface in Microsoft office

SketchStory was developed while I was in Microsoft Research (Redmond) during summer 2012.


SketchStory: Telling more Engaging Stories with Data through Freeform Sketching
B Lee, R H Kazi, G Smith


Microsoft Tech Summit 2012 (Appeared in Keynote Speech)
Microsoft Faculty Summit 2012

Press (Selected):

BBC News: Microsoft unveils self-sketching whiteboard prototype
The Verge: Microsoft SketchInsight lets you build a story with interactive sketches
WIRED: Microsoft whiteboard unites big data, predictive drawing and autocorrect
ZNet: SketchInsight whiteboard turns data into graphics for presentations
VIZTHINKER: Microsoft Takes Graphic Recording to a New Level with SketchInsight”
Prothom-Alo: Whiteboard sketches itself
DIGITAL SPY: Microsoft unveils SketchInsight whiteboard that can think for itself
India Times: Microsoft working on self sketching whiteboards

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