SandCanvas: Digital Art tool for Sand Animation (CHI 2011)

Sand animation is a performance art technique in which an artist tells stories by creating animated images with sand. Inspired by this medium, we have developed a new multi-touch digital artistic medium named SandCanvas that simplifies the creation of sand animations. SandCanvas also goes beyond traditional sand animation with tools for mixing sand animation with video and replicating recorded free-form hand gestures.

SandCanvas was showcased in CHI special video session, in Vancouver 2011 and was also presented in SIGGRAPH 2011. Visit the project website for more.


SandCanvas: A Multi-Touch Art Medium Inspired by Sand Animation
R H Kazi, C Chua, S Zhao, R C Davis, L-K Lim
CHI 2011 (PDF)
(Best Paper Honorable Mention Award**Golden Mouse award**)

SandCanvas: New Possibilities in Sand Animation
R H Kazi, C Chua, S Zhao, R C Davis, L-K Lim
SIGGRAPH 2012 Studio Talks and Poster


Singapore InnovFest 2011
Singapore Art Science Museum 2013

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