StreamSketch (CSCW 2021)

Note: Our CSCW 2021 paper explores viewer visual communication (sketching) in creative live streaming, and addresses some of the challenges (eg, sense making, summarization, context etc.). Work with Zhicong Lu, Mira Dontcheva, Karrie Karahalios , Li-yi Wei. For more details, see this project page.

Creative live streams, where artists or designers demonstrate their creative process, have emerged as a unique and popular genre of live streams due to the real-time interactivity they afford. However, streamer-viewer interactions on most live streaming platforms only enable users to utilize text and emojis to communicate, which limits what viewers can convey and share in real time. To investigate the design space of potential visual and non-textual modalities within creative live streams, we first analyzed existing Twitch extensions and conducted a formative study with streamers who share creative activities to uncover key challenges that these streamers face. We then designed and implemented a prototype system, StreamSketch, which enables viewers and streamers to interact during live streams using multiple modalities, including freeform sketches and text. The prototype was evaluated by two professional artist streamers and their viewers during six streaming sessions. Overall, streamers and viewers found that StreamSketch provided increased engagement and new affordances compared to the traditional text-only modality, and highlighted how efficiency, moderation, and tool integration were continued challenges.

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